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1) NRIC/FIN/Passport
2) Latest bank statement
3) Latest three month payslips
4) Latest two years Notice of Assessment
5) Past twelve months CPF statements, if any
6) Supporting documents for Loan Collaterals

Declaration and Authorisation

1) I hereby declare that I am not a bankrupt and that no statutory demand has been served on me.
2) I confirm that all information contained herein and submitted for documentation are true, correct and complete and I have not withheld any information that may prejudice my application.
3) I authorise you or your representative to verify information relating to this application from any source without reference to me.
4) I hereby agree to provide any additional information and supporting documents from time to time as required by the Moneylender.
5) I agree and acknowledge that the approval of this application is at the Moneylender's sole discretion and that the Moneylender may decline this application or specify a lower quantum of loan that specified in the application without giving any reason whatsoever.
6) I hereby agree to be liable for all out-of-pocket expenses and/or charges incurred in relation to my application even though my application may not be approved.
7) I acknowledge that the information provided above may be submitted to the designated credit bureau for the purpose of producing a credit report in relation to the loan application. Any information may be disclosed by the designated credit bureau to the i) Registrar and ii) any public agency, if the Registrar is satisfied that the information is necessary for policy formulation or review by the public agency.